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Apostille Documents for Teachers in South Korea

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to Korean students is a lucrative opportunity that also provides you with the chance to learn about a culture that is very different from your own. Every year, hundreds of American teachers travel to South Korea to become ESL teachers and the South Korean government is happy to have them – as long as all the proper documentation is in order before they go.

To prevent hiring criminals and sexual predators as well as to ensure that ESL teachers have been properly licensed prior to beginning work in South Korea, the Korean government requires that all teachers coming into the country for work possess a copy of their FBI Criminal Background History Record and a copy of their MFA college diploma. Both of these documents need to be certified before obtaining an apostille. The apostille (which means certification in French) proves to the South Korean government that the documents being presented are legitimate and unaltered.

Although the steps to obtaining an apostille for your ESL teaching application may seem overwhelming, enlisting the help of an authentication services company, such as US Authentication Services, ensures that everything is done right and in a timely manner.

The process of obtaining apostille prior to teaching ESL in Korea isn’t difficult, but it can be extremely time consuming. From certification at the state level before going to the federal level, there are a lot of stops along the way. The process is further delayed if you choose to send your documents via mail for review by the appropriate government offices. US Authentication Services offers apostille service in Washington, DC so all documents we handle are physically brought to the proper location to avoid the inconvenient delays associated with mailing in your documents for review.

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